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Did you know that there are currently more than 8,000 Internet dating platforms in the world? This figure includes pages dating website classics, applications, all kinds of anonymous chats and much more. Furthermore, the number of dating platforms continues to grow literally every month. The pandemic of coronavirus and multiple lockdowns have only accelerated this growth.

At this point you should have a logical question, “How to choose the best website or application among so many options? Let us make it clear in advance that there is no single answer. It all depends on your goals, interests, personal preferences and even your financial situation. After all, there are so many free platforms as payment. We’ve decided to make things a little easier for you with a list of what we think are the best dating platforms In Internet. We hope that this information will be useful to you and help you to choose.

The 22 best platforms to flirt on the Internet in Spain

Websites and apps

1. Tinder

Let’s be honest! Tinder needs no introduction. It is the most popular dating app in the world and it will surely remain so for many years to come. There are now a lot more paid features on Tinder, less than ideal user moderation and outdated technology solutions but with millions of users this platform is still extremely attractive for online dating. By the way, Tinder recently launched video chat to the delight of fans of video dating. If you like to find a partner by swiping photos to like, Tinder is definitely your choice.

2. Meetic

Each profile on Meetic is the complete story of a person. Here you will find the most detailed and exhaustive user profiles of all the dating platforms that exist on the Internet. Every Meetic member is like an open book. Read, find something interesting and explore. This platform has another interesting feature, the Lara virtual assistant, which helps you to feel comfortable in the application, fill out your profile and find interesting people. Very comfortable!

3. Badoo

Badoo is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. When you sign up, you can choose from dozens of genres, which greatly simplifies the search for users and expands your possibilities. The application also analyzes your interests and preferences carefully in order to offer you the best candidates for a date. Considering that there are already more than 460 million users on Badoo, surely you will not feel that you lack people to chat with.

4. Chatto

While other dating apps try to select potential partners for you very carefully, Chatto takes the opposite approach. Here you can write to someone immediately without having to do anything else first. On the one hand, create that feeling of chaos in communication, on the other hand, you will have all the freedom in the world. This is very important in the modern world!


In Be2, the selection of potential partners is carried out based on a questionnaire that all participants have to complete. In addition, in Be2 you can describe your ideal partner as you imagine it. This helps the platform find a match for you faster and more accurately.


Bumble is known to be one of Tinder’s biggest competitors, But this is not entirely true. The main difference between both platforms is found in the principle on which each one is based. Here it is the girl who has to take the first step when it comes to flirting. Thus, the developers protect women from the pressure of men and give them freedom to choose.

Not too long ago, the developers of Bumble decided to branch out from the traditional dating platform and launched two other new platforms. Bizz, to find work, new coworkers and mentors and BFF, a more flexible tool to find new friends based on interests and hobbies. In the BFF profile you can even connect your Spotify profile to share music and chat with other people about your musical tastes.

7. Grind

Grindr is the dating app for gay, bisexual, and transgender people. The application is very similar to Tinder, it is based on geolocation and tries to find interesting people near you. An interesting detail, Top Gear TV presenter Stephen Fry mentioned the app on television and 30,000 people downloaded it.

8. Happn

How many interesting people do you meet every day? Maybe one of them is your soulmate and you don’t know it. This is the principle that led the Happn developers to create this unique app. Now, when there are other Happn users near you that might be interesting, the app notifies you and you can immediately contact that person who is near you. You can sit in your favorite cafe and have someone ride a bike down the street. Happn will allow you to start a conversation.

9. Love

The Lovoo app uses the familiar swipe model for liking profiles. The method, while not ideal, is quite fun. Also, the developers do not try to make the service exclusive to searching for serious relationships. Someone will find the love of his life and others, someone for one night. It is worth mentioning that Lovoo is the app with the fewest paid features.


A quite popular app for serious relationships or hookups. Wuopo analyzes your location and searches for potential matches near you. In many ways, the app is similar to Tinder but it’s easier to learn and doesn’t have as much functionality.

11. What contacts

Perhaps the main difference between Quecontactos and many of the other platforms is that it has almost the same number of male and female users, as well as the same number of users under and over 30 years old. Men are 54% of users and women, 46%. There is a difference, but it is small, especially when compared to other platforms, where men are usually more than 70% of users.

12. Shakin

Shakn is the true social network among dating apps. Users can share photos, voice and other content, have their own blog, find interesting people and much more. All in one app.

13. eDarling

eDarling is an Internet dating service with many users, almost 14 million, looking for a serious relationship. Therefore, they are adults who know what they want. When you sign up for eDarling, you need to fill out a questionnaire about your personality and based on the results, the system will create your psychological profile, perform a compatibility analysis and show you the users who are the best fit for you.

14. 3rd

What do you think of the idea of ​​having a three-way relationship? If it doesn’t bother you, if the idea appeals to you, 3nder is for you. Here you can find a partner even if you are already in a relationship, or meet other couples to chat and more. By the way, not long ago, 3nder changed its brand image and name, now it’s called Feeld.

video chat


Omegle does not need an introduction, it is one of the first video chats with strangers in history and has been operating since 2009. It does not have search filters by gender and geographical location, nor does it have an application for mobile phones. What it does have is a large number of users, there is a search for users by interests and even a separate anonymous chat for university students.

16. Chatrandom

For those who can’t get enough of Omegle’s functionality, there’s Chatrandom. Here you can search for people by interests, gender and location, there are themed chat rooms and much more. There is even a chat for gay people. Chatrandom has apps for mobile phones.

17. FunYo

A simple but popular video chat. Its main feature is the search for users by their interests. Also, in FunYo you can enter gender and country for a more precise user search. If you pay for premium access, you can go to a separate chat with only girls.

18. Chatroulette

Another of the chats with unknown pioneers. The website has been running since 2009. During this time, it has experienced ups and downs, the developers being accused of having terrible user moderation and the abundance of scammers on the website. Today, even with its primitive features, Chatroulette is still quite a popular chat. Recently, developers have implemented artificial intelligence tools to detect which users break the platform’s rules and block them immediately.

19.Meet me

Quite simple but interesting at the same time. Meetme searches for partners for a conversation and invites you to chat with them. With minimal configuration, Meetme has more than 100 million users, you will never think that there is no one to talk to.



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