Relationship expert reveals why it’s great if you’re bored with your other half


Being in a relationship can sometimes be hard work and there are plenty of signs to signal the end of it.

But, according to an expert, not everything means you’ve reached the final chapter – some things that people often see as red flags are only normal components of every relationship.

The TikTok-famous dating specialist, Rachel DeAlto, shared her insights on TikTok, where the clip has gone viral, racking up more than 1.1 million views.

Number one, she said, is ”really boring times.”

”This is not a circus, they are not here to entertain you, nor you them.”

”It’s okay to have boring moments, it’s okay to have boring phone calls or conversations – it’s okay to be bored sometimes.”

Contrary to the common misconception that this is a sign your significant other is no longer interested in you or the bond you share, Rachel emphasized that this doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is ”bad or over”.

”And along those lines, it’s also okay to have a rollercoaster of emotions – some days you’re really into it, some days you’re not.

”You’re not going to always feel the same,” she said, adding that it’s the other factors outside the relationship, for example, stress at work, that will impact your emotions and mood.”

Rachel's videos have amassed her over 105,000 followers on TikTok.
Rachel’s videos have amassed her over 105,000 followers on TikTok.

”And lastly, attraction levels can change in a relationship – sometimes you’re super into them and sometimes you’re not and that’s okay.”

”Give it a moment to level out before you make any decisions.”

”Long-term relationships come with a plethora of emotions.”

Amongst the million viewers, there were many who took it to the comments’ section, like this one who agreed and aptly summed it up: ”don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.”

Another thought: ”it would be nice if more people realized this,” whilst a second added: ”Gen z self destructs if they’re not stimulated every other second.”

Quite a few appeared to find the boredom aspect difficult to deal with, with one confessing: ”The boring part is something I struggle with constantly.

“Is he having fun still? Do we need to be doing something all the time?” It’s exhausting.”

She wasn’t the only one, as someone else commented: ”It gets me anxious when it gets boring because I’m used to a circus…but I’ve been trying to become more comfy with neutrality.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.


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