People are fuming over what a man did with girlfriend’s towel: ‘It’s not about the towel’

Relationships can be tricky — specifically when it comes to the more delicate topics like self-care. In one Redditor’s case, it involved a towel. In a post made on Reddit‘s “Am I the A**hole (AITA)” forum, a man explained a scenario that didn’t come out in his favor.

“I (31M) and my gf (25F) have been dating for about 2 years,” he wrote. “My GF has beautiful hair that seems a lot more low maintenance than most women I know. She doesn’t use all a hundred different hair products, nor does she blow dry it. It honestly doesn’t take her long to style her hair or anything. However, she always insist on using this special towel to dry her hair.”

He continued: “She insists that she can’t use any regular towel for her hair. She gets mad if I use her hair towel as a regular towel too. She says that the towel should only be used for hair. She even bought an extra one of these towels that she keeps in her drawer at my place. She also takes the towel with her when she goes on vacation.”

The man said he doesn’t typically “mind it,” but it’s “weird” because he doesn’t “know anyone else who has a towel just for their hair.” Things came to a head when the two planned a trip for Thanksgiving to the man’s parents’ house. He said he asked her to keep her towel at home because he didn’t want his family to “think she was weird or make fun of her.”

The night before they left, he saw the towel in her suitcase to take on the trip, so he took it out. She didn’t notice until they arrived at his parents’ house.

“I thought it was okay, and my GF didn’t seem mad at all during the whole trip. However, when we got back at my place, my GF got into her car and drove off without saying goodbye,” he said. “She texted me later saying she’s mad at me because of that stupid towel and she needs some space. I keep calling and texting her, but she won’t respond.”

He ended the post by saying his friends “think she’s being overly dramatic.”

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Cosmopolitan noted the best microfiber hair towels which listed those that combat frizz, speed drying time, repair split ends, and add shine. Some of them are specifically for curls. Regardless of what type of hair the Redditor’s girlfriend had, the internet has spoken, deeming him the “A**hole.”

wellbehavedmischief said, “if i realized that my SO deliberately snuck something private of mine away from me despite my explanations of why it was important, especially for something so minor, i’d feel belittled and disrespected, too. and concerned – instead of talking through it, they just…went behind my back and assumed i’d be too dumb to figure it out? just accept being treated like that? it’s not about the towel.”

“it’s not about the towel.100% it’s about him not seeing her as an equal. Even if there is no real reason for her to need a special towel besides that she likes it, his behavior is breakup worthy to me. If he’ll do this over a towel that he thinks she doesn’t need, what else will he take away from her?” Keboyd88 said.

jess32ica agreed saying, “I also didn’t like the “not like most other women”… the way OP talks about it, he just never respected the towel for what it was, something she uses in her everyday life that makes her feel good. Ugh, I just hate the “not like most other women”… misogynistic vibes… who cares what or how much product people put in their hair? it’s their hair!

“And that the OP goes on quite a bit about how it’s so great that she doesn’t spend a lot of time or effort or tools… yeah, because she found one simple thing that works! You take away the one thing that works, you’ve broken the system you were just admiring,” nyoprinces said.

EntrepreneurMany3709 added, “there seem to be a lot of posts on here about men undermining women because of their hair routine, especially curly haired women with a different routine. It’s so gross. Different hair has different maintenance needs.”

Many others made similar sentiments. The post had nearly 19,000 upvotes and 7,300 comments at the time of this article, with the highest comment at over 56,4000 upvotes.

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