‘My hubby and I dated for two years – but we didn’t kiss until our wedding day’


US-based couple Hannah and Levi share their married life on TikTok and have revealed the unusual decision they made while they were dating that made their wedding day even more special

Hannah and Levi
The pair revealed they saved their first kiss for their wedding day

The first kiss of a couple after they’re pronounced husband and wife can be a little nerve-wracking, with the eyes of dozens of wedding guests on them.

However, once the nerves are out of the way it’s a moment of joy – marking the union of the pair after they’re legally declared married.

But for one couple in the US, their first kiss on their wedding day was even more special – because it was their first kiss ever.

Hannah and Levi, who live in the US, share a glimpse into their married life on TikTok.

In one video, Hannah talks about their wedding day which followed two and a half years of dating.

As the pair kiss in the car, the video is captioned: “Our first kiss was on our wedding day.”

The video then cuts to adorable photos of Hannah and Levi on the big day, kissing for the very first time.

The bashful pair look besotted with each other as they lock lips after a very long wait – but they both agree it was the right way to do it.

Underneath the video, they write: “Worth the wait.”

Their unique story made a stir with viewers who commented on the video to share their thoughts on waiting two and a half years for your first kiss.

One person wrote: “To each their own, but that’s just not normal.”

The pair took the comment in their stride, replying: “With ya there, fo sho not the norm!(sic)”

But others were in support of the couple’s gesture and said they wanted to do the same thing with their partners.

One woman wrote: “I’m saving my first kiss till my wedding day too.”

The couple replied: “Yes sister. Cheering you on! It’s so special in so many ways.”

Speaking to another viewer to explain how they managed, they wrote: “It’s not easy but it’s sweet and fun in its own way. We gave allll the cheek kisses (sic)”

They added: “Just want others to know its not weird to still keep boundaries and normalise that. Whatever those boundaries look like for you.”

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