Love Is Blind: What Jessica Batten Did With Her Rejected Anniversary Gift


Jessica Batten decides to keep the wine glasses she bought for Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike during the follow-up to Love Is Blind, After The Alter.

Jessica Batten ended up keeping the wine glasses she gifted for Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike during the follow-up to Love Is BlindAfter The Alter. Viewers were introduced to Jessica when she appeared on the Netflix streaming series almost two years ago. Jessica became one of the most well-known contestants from Love Is Blind for many reasons, and some of them Jessica probably wishes people would forget. In one of the episodes, Jessica fed her dog wine, which instantly made her one of the most talked-about contestants on the show.

However, Jessica only went on Love Is Blind to find her soulmate, which didn’t work out for her. Jessica became engaged to Mark Cuevas while in the pods, but she was not impressed once she got to meet him in person. He was not who she thought he was, both physically and personality-wise. In the end, the two called off the marriage and went their separate ways. Now Jessica is engaged to Dr. Benjamin McGarth, and Mark is engaged to Aubrey Rainey and expecting their second child together. 


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For the follow-up episode to Love Is Blind season 1, After The Alter, Jessica and the rest of the pod squad met up for a reunion and Barnett and Amber’s anniversary. In preparation for the party, Jessica decided to extend an olive branch to the couple by giving them a pair of Tiffany wine glasses for their anniversary (via Refinery29). During their time on Love Is Blind, Jessica developed feeling for Barnett both in and outside of the pods. She began to regret getting engaged to Mark and wished she and Barnett had given their relationship a chance. As a result, Barnett’s wife Amber, who he met on Love Is Blind, began to dislike Jessica. When it was time for the anniversary party, almost three years since the show was filmed, Amber still wasn’t over what happened on the show.

Jessica looking glum while talking to Banett in the hotel on Love is Blind

When Jessica arrived at the anniversary party, fellow Love Is Blind costar Giannina Gibelli, who’s rumored to be dating Blake Horstmann, warned her not to talk to Amber as she didn’t want to speak with her. Jessica didn’t mind and actually felt like it “took the pressure off.” However, because Jessica wanted to follow the proper etiquette for a party, she bought Amber and Barnett Tiffany wine glasses for their anniversary. When Jessica, who is on better terms with Mark, brought them over to Barnett, she held the gift out towards him, but he wouldn’t grab it. She felt so awkward after the interaction, but at least she got something out of it. When asked what she did with the wine glass, Jessica told Refinery29 that she kept them and now uses them “all the time.” 

Even though Amber and Barnett weren’t open to making amends with the Love Is Blind star, she did what she could to make it right. She bought them a nice gift and attempted to make an apology for something that happened while filming a reality show. While the couple might feel animosity towards her, at least Jessica has a cute pair of Tiffiany wine glasses for Jessica and her new fiancé to use. 

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