‘Love Is Blind’: Were The Weddings Real Or Fake?


While it’s easy to assume reality TV is staged, it turns out that the weddings fans witnessed on-screen were totally real.

Netflix‘ hit dating reality series, Love Is Blind, certainly gave its competition such as The Bachelor and Love Island a run for its money. Not only did the show come just in time for quarantine, but it is one of the first of its kind!

After introducing fans to a completely new formula where contestants blindly date one another up until their engagement, viewers haven’t been able to look back! The series saw four couples reach the altar, however, only two officially tied the knot.

With Amber & Barnett, and Cameron & Lauren saying their “I do’s” on-camera, fans of the show are now wondering whether or not their televised weddings were real or just for show!

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Were The ‘Love Is Blind’ Wedding Real Or Fake?

When Netflix released their hit series, Love Is Blind, viewers instantly flocked to watch and have been obsessed ever since!

Following the lives of 25 people over the course of 10 days became a binge-worthy must! After dating in pods with walls separating them, a handful of couples made their decision as to whether or not they wanted to propose to their special someone.

While some people were heartbroken, dropped, or changed their minds last minute, a total of six couples made their way over to Mexico where they would test the waters with face-to-face dating.

Fan favorites of the show instantly became Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett, Giannina Gibelli, and Damian Powers, and of course, Jessica and Mark for cringe factor!

When it came time to head back home, big decisions had to be made, considering their televised wedding ceremonies would come following the final 38 days from meeting one another, which is all the time they had!

The season finale of the show documented the ceremonies, which left a few couples heartbroken, however, Amber and Barnett along with Lauren and Cameron actually tied the knot!

While it’s easy to assume reality TV is staged, it turns out that the weddings fans witnessed on-screen were totally real. Not only did production reveal that the marriages are, in fact, legally binding, Lauren and Cameron Hamilton also revealed that to be true.

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In addition to the weddings being totally legal, Netflix also fronted the cost of the entire thing! While many fans said they would go off and do a separate ceremony following the show, a few of the couples were happy with what they got.

Considering friends and family were present for their marriages, why bother doing it all over again?

When it comes to who is still together, there is still love in the air for three couples! Amber and Barnett remain happily married, as are Lauren and Cameron! Last year, the LC revealed they are very excited to expand the family and potentially start having kids.

As for Giannina and Damian, while they didn’t get married on-screen, the duo did take their romance off-cameras and date in real life, proving that perhaps love…


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