KUWTK: How Scott Disick Would Thrive Dating a Non-Celeb


KUWTK alum Scott Disick has dated celebrities for years. Dating someone who isn’t famous might be a change of pace that sparks personal growth.

Scott Disick of Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame is known for dating famous young women and co-parenting with Kourtney Kardashian, and dating a non-famous person might bring him true happiness. Since Kourtney’s engagement to Travis Barker, Scott has been feeling alienated. He always imagined rekindling his romance with Kourtney. However, the KUWTK finale season showed that Scott is well aware of the standards he didn’t meet. Kourtney set those benchmarks for him, and he had to meet them before she would even consider a reunion. With this in mind, he can’t blame her for reveling in the happiness and stability that she’s always craved.


Scott and Travis have developed a distant but amicable relationship. Scott felt blindsided by his ex’s engagement but he now seems to be starting to accept it. Even Kourtney’s family was a little shocked that things moved so quickly. Scott did seem happy without Kourtney for a few years, with Sofia Richie, and then with Amelia Hamlin. However, both ladies dumped Scott when he couldn’t stop pining over Kourtney. Now that she’s officially moved on, Scott might be starting to imagine a romantic life without her.

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Fans know that Scott started filming KUWTK when he was 24 years of age. Since he was quite young, Kris Jenner acknowledged that he grew up in the spotlight, just like his children did. With fame always in the mix, Scott may have gotten caught up in the celebrity life and had trouble finding himself. He actually never dated a non-celebrity before he and Kourtney and started filming. With this in mind, it might benefit Scott to find a partner outside of Hollywood’s elite circles. His recent girlfriends undoubtedly knew him from his KUWTK persona. Also, his more casual hookups got career benefits from being linked to him in the press. If Scott dates a non-celeb, he might finally establish the healthy relationship dynamic that has eluded him so far.

Everyone who has dated Scott recognizes how much he has to offer. Scott, a goofy Gemini, knows how to have a good time, support his family, and take life as it goes. Lord Disick is renowned for his relaxed perspective. At the same time, everyone is familiar with his tendency to lash out and shut down when things go wrong. He might be able to keep relationships highs and lows more private with a non-celebrity. Scott flourishes with lighthearted people, in grounded environments. Fans have watched him enjoy spending time with his friends’ parents after his own mom and dad passed away. They’ve also seen him shopping with Kris at Costco and searching for gold coins with his son, Mason Disick. These scenes showed how Scott shines away from nightclub lights and the paparazzi.

There’s no pressure on Scott to jump into another serious relationship. Scott might also want to try out being single for a few years, as this certainly worked for Kourtney. Scott is dating again and is enjoying himself. However, when it comes to serious romance, trying something different seems like a great call. There are so many fish in the sea, and it could be his best move yet to give a non-celeb a chance. Fans want Scott to find happiness, on or off Hulu’s upcoming Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off.

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