Hoda Kotb Just Blind-Reacts to the virus’s “sex / life” scene


Oh, God!The latest viral TikTok trends Hoda KotbDesk.her today Show co-sponsor Jenna Bush Hager Kot, 54, decided that in between the takes of the NBC set, it would be the perfect subject of the current trend.

So 39-year-old Hager queued * that * scene during episode 3 of Sex / life Hit play in exactly 19 minutes and 50 seconds.

In the video I really needed this today The author seems confused at first, but when she taps Hager’s arm, her face quickly becomes completely shocked, agape in her mouth, and greatly distorts her eyes.

Hoda Kotb will be attending Citymeals on Wheels’ annual Power Lunch for Women on November 14, 2018 in New York.

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Share via @hodaandjenna Ticktaku The page, accompanying caption, says “Hoda’s reaction. 😂.. “

Viewers of the sultry Netflix show have recorded their first reaction when they saw the episode 3 scene, and almost all reactions are similar to those of newscasters.

During the episode, Billy’s husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) You can’t know the romantic history with ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos) From his head, lead him to stalk the bad boy. After taking him to the gym to gain more insight into what made this guy such a phenomenal lover, Cooper ends up next to Brad in a post-training shower. After seeing what record label executives were dealing with, he was distracted by what he was seeing — as most viewers are.


Yasuda’s reaction 😂 #netflix #sexlife #blindreact #hodaandjenna

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The· Recent Netflix series The hot and humid moments are packed tightly Sarah Shahi Excited to attend this show, she previously We weekly June 2021.

“I’m always trying to get involved in a project like this.” 41-year-old Shahi said. “I have never been hired. Everyone always hired me as a tough chick and paid me to stay dressed. More importantly, this is a work written by a woman. When it turns out, I think. All writers are women, [it’s] All women oversaw their ability to express something, express femininity, and speak out in ways that they felt really important to them. … You can be a mom and still want to be a sexual goddess. You don’t have to lose one to the other. “

The· The l word Alum He joked that working with Demo (35) and Vogel (41) made the intimate scene of the show much more comfortable.

“You are as good as your scene partner and they are so amazing,” said the actress who is dating a demo in real life. “They made my job so easy, and they are both easy to see. So often I would joking with my mother, I would just say” I go to work ” , And she said, “It doesn’t work because you had to work with Mike and Adam. It’s not called work.” … [As a group,] Immediately a chemical reaction took place. “

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