Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens: The 7 Best Characters


Picking out the best characters from Comedy Central’s Awkwafina is Nora from Queens is likely harder than it is for most shows. There are fewer core characters than you get in a lot of series, with the show only featuring three people in its main cast and four as part of the recurring cast.

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Everyone else is considered guest stars who only appeared in an episode or two, including characters played by Simu Liu, Natasha Lyonne, Jamie Chung, and Ming-Na Wen. Though there are only those seven key characters, it’s still tough to figure out which is the best based on their arc, comedic moments, performance, and more.

7 Doug

Doug on his phone in Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

It seems a little odd that Doug (Jon Park) is listed as one of the show’s recurring characters. He has only shown up in four episodes and has barely been seen in season 2. That being said, Doug does serve a purpose as some more comedic relief whenever he appears and someone who helps give Nora the information she needs.

For example, his most memorable episode was likely “Vagarina.” In it, he’s the person who has the song featuring Nora’s vaginal injury on his phone and he’s the person to give her the idea to try and collect royalties from it. Doug may not show up in all of the episodes but you just know he’s nearby ready to pop up again.

6 Brenda

Wally and Brenda talk in Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens

Of everyone in the main or recurring cast, it feels like Brenda (Jennifer Esposito) is the one to make the most of only a few opportunities to shine. She can actually feel like more of a plot device than a real person at times, often there to move Wally into something new for his life, like making a social media account or looking into online dating.

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Still, Brenda comes across as a good person who genuinely cares for Wally. He was wrong to think that she was dating other people as her explanation behind her online profile existing was reasonable. In a world of wacky characters doing zany things, Brenda does feel more down to earth. That might be why things didn’t go so great for her and Wally’s daughter in “Nora Meets Brenda.”

5 Melanie

Melanie in Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens

It’s quickly clear that Nora doesn’t have many friends. However, her best friend is someone she has known for years and she’s the one person who keeps coming back to her, Melanie (Chrissie Fit). At first, it seemed like Melanie might have things more together than her slacker friend but that wasn’t totally the case, which helped them bond.

Melanie hasn’t had a ton of time to develop much beyond being Nora’s friend but it’s a role she plays well. She represents a time when things were simpler for the two of them. Plus, Melanie gets points for her loyalty, as she stood up for New York and for Nora against their annoying old friend in “Charlie’s Angels.”

4 Edmund

Edmund in Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens

Edmund (Bowen Yang) is mostly someone who starts off as a bit player on the show but grows into a larger role as things progressed. It really all started in “Grandma Loves Nora” when he began hanging around Nora’s house and grew closer to Grandma. That kicked off his relationship with Nora as partners on an app.


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