Arjun Kapoor on Facing ‘Toxicity’ for Dating Malaika Arora: ‘It Was Hell for Us for Many


Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are the most talked-about couple of B-Town. The duo often creates a buzz on social media with their mushy pictures. After much speculation and rumours, they finally confirmed their relationship in 2019. Now in a new interview, the actor opened up about his relationship with Malaika and how they have evolved as a couple over the years.

“The decision to come out and be open about our relationship was not something that was planned,” Arjun told the Hindustan Times. “It’s not like we spoke about it. It happened organically. We allowed things to happen after a certain point when we felt we were solid and steady enough to face all the speculation and all the conversation that would come our way because that would be temporary,” Arjun added.

Arjun further spoke about how Malaika stood by her like a rock when their relationship was subjected to unnecessary scrutiny due to the age gap between them.

“We stood by each other through this relationship, facing speculation, facing brickbats, facing chatter, unnecessary at times, because of social media toxicity. It was hell for us for many days. She had to face so much because of the fact that we came out in the open, but I admire her for giving me and our relationship so much dignity. Standing by Malaika never felt like it’s something extraordinary. It felt just the right thing, the most natural thing to do,” Arjun said.

Arjun said they are glad that they were the “first of our kind where we showed age is not of any consequence when you love someone.” The couple has been dating for the past several years. While Arjun Kapoor is 36, Malaika Arora is 48. Meanwhile, Malaika was previously married to Arbaaz Khan and has a son, Arhaan with him.

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