Are Hudson and Carolina from Love is Blind Brazil still together?


Hudson Mendes and Caroline Novaes are one of the happy couples who tied the knot during the tear-jerking Love is Blind finale.

The show sees strangers meet and speak through a wall, before going on a honeymoon and living together for the ultimate test.

For some, they immediately hit it off and instantly began flirting their way through the show, but for others, it was a total disaster.

Hudson and Carolina appeared to fall in love as soon as they laid eyes on each other, and we explored if that continued after filming wrapped up.

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Casamento às Cegas Brasil | Trailer Oficial | Netflix





Who are Carolina and Hudson?

Hudson is a lifestyle and fashion blogger in his mid 20s, while Carolina works as a model and lawyer for a living.

She is nearly three years older than Hudson, which he actually preferred.

Hudson’s aim was to find a love like his parents’ relationship, who have been together for more than 35 years.

Carolina, on the other hand, has experienced several failed relationships and entered to show to see if she could find her life match.

Their Love is Blind Brazil journey

Carolina had a strong bond with Gustavo Mester as well, but they later realised they got along just as friends.

When Carolina and Hudson first met, there was instant physical attraction, which only appeared to grow stronger as they got to know each other.

They bonded over their familial and racial values, and appeared to share similar beliefs with one another.

She confessed her feelings by giving Hudson an emotional love letter alongside a white dress, before he later got down one one knee.

Are Carolina and Hudson together?

Carolina and Hudson tied the knot at the end of the show. However, since the show, there hasn’t been many pictures of them together on social media.

When they first met, there was instant attraction, but they did face issues, such as Hudson feeling like Carolina portrayed him as sexist.

It looks like, when they entered the real world, Hudson and Carolina did clash at times, and she has not since posted any photos with him.

Hudson, however, posted the (below) picture of them on their special day. It might be that they are tied down to a Netflix contract for now, though.

A good sign is they do follow each other on the social media platform, so whatever happened between them, they appear to be on decent terms.



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